April 26, 2018

Stress Swaps: Healthy Ways To Cope With Modern Life

Stress is an inevitable factor of modern life. Our lives are busy, complicated, and prone to experiencing more than a few upsets along the way. As a result, stress is a permanent fixture in the lives of many people, to the point where experiencing stress has become normalized.

If you are struggling with stress, then you likely have a number of coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms are behaviors that we all develop in response to stress; it’s our way of coping, of exerting some semblance of control over a situation that we are struggling to deal with.

However, the coping mechanisms we develop have a tendency to be counterproductive and potentially even unhealthy. If you are engaging in any of the below coping mechanisms, then it’s worth considering making a swap to an alternative that genuinely has an opportunity to actually help ease the stress you are experiencing. Here’s a few ideas to consider…

Your coping mechanism is… smoking

It’s nigh-on impossible that you need to be told that smoking is bad for you; in this day and age, that information isn’t news to anyone. If you smoke due to stress, then it’s worth remembering that nicotine can actually make you feel more stressed, so this is one habit that is only going to make matters worse.

The alternative is… vaping

Rather than lighting up, head to Buy Juul and stock up on vaping supplies. This will ensure you have the same relaxing feel of “smoking”, but without some of the health consequences. You can even vape 0% juice so there will be no stress increase due to nicotine.

Your coping mechanism is… eating

Eating for emotional reasons is incredibly common, and many sufferers of stress immediately turn to their favorite foods when they need to find release. There’s a good reason for this too; sugary and junk foods actually help to promote positive feelings in the brain, and do have a therapeutic effect. However, the downside is that these foods are inherently bad for you and may cause issues with obesity— so a change is definitely in order.

The alternative is… still eating, but better

Obviously, if you can experience the same stress reduction from eating carrots as you do from candy, that’s great— but it’s also not particularly realistic. If vegetables aren’t enough to calm you down, try a fat bomb. Fat bombs can help to increase satiety, which should at least mean you can exert control over the calories you consume.

Your coping mechanism is… venting

Anger and stress often go hand-in-hand and, as a result, you may find yourself tempting to “vent” your anger to try and alleviate your stress. Sadly, venting doesn’t work and, in the worst case scenarios, can actually make you feel even worse. If you’re angry to the point it’s causing you stress, venting that anger is unlikely to help resolve the situation.

The alternative is… therapy

Talk to a professional — calmly and rationally — to try and solve the anger and stress issues you are experiencing. Stress and anger often influence one another, and a good therapist will help you disentangle them so you can work on actually solving the underlying causes.

In conclusion…

Make these stress swaps and you will soon notice a difference in how you think and feel. Good luck.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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