May 7, 2018

How To Pick The Perfect Gift Based On Personality

When it comes to buying gifts, you’re always going to want to ensure that you pick out the perfect thing for the person in question. But it’s never really that easy. Whether you’re faced with someone that’s difficult to buy for, or they already have everything that they want, you may come up short. You can spend months or weeks preparing to still question yourself. And that can cause a lot of stress when you’re supposed to be feeling great about picking out the perfect gift. So, there has to be an easier way of doing things. Instead of dropping hints or scouring the stores, there is a much quicker solution to sourcing the perfect gift…

Simple! Just turn to their personality! They say you can tell a lot about a person by considering their personality, and you can. A lot of the time, when you’re looking for a gift, you’ll consider their interests and the things that they like. But this can leave you feeling confused. Instead, when you consider their personality, how they act, the places they go, and the preferences they have in everything from social occasions to what they eat, you can often determine the best gifts that will work with their lives. So let’s break it down.


So they love the books, they lead an intellectual lifestyle, and they’re very high brow? Gift wise, you’ve got…

A First Edition

When your giftee loves to read, a book is going to be an obvious choice. But you won’t always want to go for the usual kind of fiction - knowing that there’s a high chance they would have already read it. So instead, you should think about looking for a first edition that could wow them. If they have a favorite author, or a favorite book series, looking out for this in first edition print could be their perfect present.

Something Techie

Next, you might like to look out for a gadget or two. This could be something that’s going to make their life a little easier, like an Alexa (if they don’t have one already), or something that will benefit their interests, like a piece of software. So really think about how they spend their time to identify what they might like best.

A Talking Point

Finally, you might want to go with something that’s just for fun. This won’t be what everyone wants to pick out, but if you are struggling with the first too, then going for an unusual gift could be exactly what you need. At the very least, this could become something that is a talking point, and something that they laugh about for years to come!


They’re sports mad, and when they’re not playing it they’re watching it. So the perfect gifts could be…

Game Tickets

What sports fan doesn’t want to go and see their favorite team play? And when they’re sports mad, even if they regularly go and see their favorite team play in one sport, you know that you can get them tickets to another kind of sport. If it’s something that they never go and see, or are yet to see live at all, this is going to be a pretty impressive present indeed.

Signed Memorabilia

If they do only love the one sport and they go to every game, then your nest option is to look out for some signed memorabilia. Of course, you could get a jersey or a ball and try and get it signed for them. But if you can’t come through, you’ll be left without a gift. So instead, you’re going to want to think about hunting down some great options that you can gift to them instead.

Coaching Or Classes

Finally, you’ve then got the option of going with some coaching. This is something that you could think about doing when you know that they’ve always wanted to take up a particular sport or even try out a class. Maybe they want to get back into their favorite sport but just haven’t got around to it yet. Then you know this will be a winner. You could even get this as a gift for the both of your to try.


As classic as they come, they love all things traditional. When it comes to gifts, you’ll find a winner with…


The gift of jewelry always goes a long way. Whether you’re buying for a guy or a girl, it’s safe to say that there will be something that you can get to impress. And if we’re talking about a special occasion then you’re definitely going to want to think about going for something classic and timeless, like a tennis bracelet, earrings, or a watch. Jewelry is definitely one gifting area that you can never go wrong with.

Classic Trinkets

Next, you’ve also got the option of choosing classic trinkets that your giftee will love. Whether you’re looking for the best tobacco pipe for the money or a jewelry box, make sure that you find something that fits with their decor. From a man's den to the ladies boudoir, these are the kinds of gifts that could really wow if you make sure that the style fits perfectly. But then you know their personality, so you should know what works.


Finally, you’ve also got the option of going for an experience. Because when you know that the person in question loves their traditions and to travel, then you know that they value experiences. So why not book them a trip for a weekend or even a visit to the spa? These are the kinds of gifts that are incredibly simple but that could really wow when chosen perfectly.


They’ve been everywhere, read everything, and seen it all. Hard to buy for? Never! Just stick to…

Show Tickets

If you know that there is a show that they’re dying to see, or that they just haven’t gotten around to seeing just yet, then this is the perfect present idea for you. Take a look at the best shows on Broadway at the time and see if you can match anything up to what they haven’t seen. You know this is something that will wow!


Now, you may not have the budget to buy them a world-renowned piece of art, but you could definitely pick something up by a local artist, or something on your travels for them. This is something quaint and quirky and really unique that could become a special gift to them.

Cook For Them

Finally, you might then want to think about something thoughtful and simple that you could do instead. Because choosing to make them dinner could be exactly what they want. Maybe we’re talking about a parent or a best friend or a spouse? Then deciding that you’re going to cook an incredible three-course meal based on their favorite countries or locations could be exactly what they want. If you get the wine pairings right and decorate in the style of the cuisine too, this really could be a showstopping gift.

So now that you’ve seen the options that are going to work with these four personality traits, you’ll easy to be able to pick out the perfect gift for them. And if your giftee’s personality hasn’t quite been covered off by what we’ve got on offer, by taking a look at these great examples, you should be able to work out the perfect gift based on your giftee’s lifestyle, interests, and personality traits. Happy Shopping!

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