May 23, 2018

Your Feet Support You, Support Them Right Back!

There is one place on the body that almost all of us ignore, and that’s our feet. We buy as many products as we can to take care of our hair, our skin and our hands, but our feet are often neglected. Perhaps it’s because they’re so far away from us at all times, or perhaps it’s because water runs off them in the shower, and so we believe that’s enough. Treating your feet right is pretty much the most important thing that you could do. Feet work harder than any other body part, and we don’t take the time to respect them in the way that we should. We stuff them into cripplingly high heels. We sweat them out with a set of gym trainers and we generally just let them suffocate a little. Realistically, feet should be the one place on the body that we care for above anything else.

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There’s no need for expensive treatments at the spa to take care of your feet – although I doubt that they would complain too much about that! If you spend a little time every day on your feet, you can avoid problems later on in your life. So, how can you support your feet better so that they can support you for longer?

1. Washing your feet every day is more than just letting water run over them in the shower or dipping them in the bath. There are specific foot scrubs that you can buy to ensure that dead skin on your feet is taken off every day. Pat dry, including between the toes, and apply moisturizing cream – especially around the heels.

2. Wearing natural cotton socks that are breathable, and shoes that pride themselves on being farm to feet will really help your feet to breathe better when you’re busy. Try not to wear the same shoes all the time and keep gym shoes aired out and not just stuffed away. Shoes need to breathe as much as your feet do!

3. Feet should never be left to be sore. If your feet are feeling pinched, or your toenails are cutting into the sides of your toes, you need to get that sorted. Shoes should be well-fitted, and you should seek out the help of a chiropodist for any ingrown toenails. High heels should be kept to a minimal use and when you don’t have to wear them, don’t!

4. Cushion your work shoes and the ones that you wear every day with inserts that support the arch of the foot. This website here can give you pointers on how to make your shoes support your feet better.

5. If you want to feel confident in your sandals, schedule pedicures occasionally to treat your feet right. A file and polish as well as a massage is good for your mental health as well as your physical foot health.

Our feet may take a massive impact every day, but they sure don’t have to feel like they do!

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