June 29, 2018

3 Little-Known European Cities You Don't Want To Overlook

If you’re considering a European city break, there’s a few “usual suspects” that you’ve probably thought about. London, Paris, Berlin, Rome; they’re the classics. As wonderful as the above cities are, perhaps you’d prefer to do something a little differently. If so, then these three incredible cities are sure to offer the unique city break experience you have been hoping for…

Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow is not a typical city break destination, but there’s plenty to ensure Scotland’s second city is well worth a look. With highlights including the Gallery of Modern Art and Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow is the perfect choice for art-loving culture vultures. As an added bonus, the famous Loch Lomond is less than an hour away, making it easily reachable even over the shortened duration of a city break.

Helsinki, Finland
Finland’s capital offers a range of incredible experiences that make it a more-than-suitable destination for a city break. You will love exploring the the stunning Helsinki Cathedral, while history fans will delight in a day-trip to the nearby well-preserved fortress of Suomenlinna.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s hidden gems; a city rich in history, architecture, and culture that you won’t want to miss. As well as the stunning cityscape, Dubrovnik also provides awe-inspiring, unforgettable coastal views over the Adriatic Sea that are the icing on the cake of a stunning city break. Given the beauty of Dubrovnik alone, it’s no surprise that Croatia alone is, as this infographic shows, one of the most popular countries for tourism in Europe…

Infographic Design By Croatia Tours, Holidays and Travel Experts

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