June 1, 2018

4 Ways To Make Your Best Friend’s Birthday Breathtaking

Since you were little your best friend has always celebrated her birthday with you. You used to spend months planning out exactly what kind of cake you were going to have, making your own decorations and trying on the perfect party outfits. This year it is your closest friend’s big milestone birthday and you want to make it unforgettable for her. Finding a special gift has never been easy, but now it is really important you get everything right. You want to plan a birthday bash that she is going to remember, so here are a handful of things you need to get spot on.

1. The Perfect Present
This is no ordinary birthday; you want to find the perfect present that will light up her eyes instantly. She has always been into quirky ideas, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend on anything expensive. You can buy gift baskets under $30 that are absolutely stunning and will suit everybody’s tastes. Whether they are filled with sweets or chocolate they will not only taste delicious but they will look regal when placed on the present table.

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2. Birthday Bash
This party is going to be the main event of your friend’s birthday, so decide on a fun theme that suits her style. Perhaps she would enjoy a roaring 1920’s evening or a classic afternoon tea party full of delicious cakes and quintessentially British cucumber sandwiches. A fancy dress party is always a good idea to get everybody’s creativity flowing too. Once you have chosen the theme you will be able to discover the ideal snacks for your guests.

3. Fantastic Food
The food is one of the most exciting aspects of planning a birthday party, so make sure you spend some time doing your research. What is your best friend’s favourite food? Would a Thai feast go down a treat? Would a Mexican treat be a hit? Don’t forget about the sweet snacks too. Cupcakes and macarons are always a good idea, because your guest can take them home in goody bags.

4. Clever Keepsakes
Your best friend will want to remember this party forever, so make sure you think of some clever ideas to make memories. Perhaps you could place disposable cameras on the tables or include a guest book for everybody to sign as they arrive. You could design your own guest book and fill it with old pictures from her childhood. Each of these ideas will act as ideal keepsakes for your friend to treasure for a lifetime.

You want your friend to remember this day for the rest of her life, so if you manage to pull of these all important things you will be the superstar of the party. Get planning sooner rather than later, because parties can take longer to pull together than you might think. Discover a glorious gift, throw the perfect party and organize fabulous food for everybody to enjoy. Don’t forget a deliciously divine cake that it lit up with candles too!
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