June 25, 2018

Four Ways You Could Be Guided In Life And Not Even Realise It

I think we all like to believe that we make our life choices and are guided in life by making decisions on a day to day basis. Of course, that is true. You wouldn’t do anything in life unless you had to or wanted to and you make a conscious decision to do it. However, there are ways that you could be guided in life and not even realize it. I thought I would share with you five of those ways and perhaps you may find some of them relate to you.

The law of attraction
Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? This is when you think what you want from your life and your thoughts become your reality. But it isn’t as simple as that. Surprisingly, you may be doing this already, but it is more to do with the belief that you have or will have something rather than just wanting it. We do this all of the time, and things like The Secret can help you to fine tune it, but you may already be doing this sub consciously. Ask yourself, have you ever had something happen that maybe a few weeks, months or even years ago you thought would or would like it to happen? Freaky but it is true.

Spotting signs in numbers
Do you find that you are presented with numbers all of the time. You wake up at the same time everyday, you notice that your favorite track as the same number sequence when played in the car, road signs, car registration plates, it could mean that you are being told something and not even realize that you are being guided in some way. There are common number sequences that have meaning, for example the number 444, according to Readings With Matt, the meaning of 444 is something to do with needing stability or that hard work is required. Maybe you need to start noticing things more and be guided in a different way perhaps?

Reading your star sign

Do you read your star sign daily or weekly? Perhaps you love to read them at new year to see what the next twelve months have in store. Believe it or not, whether you believe what you read, you may be guided by your star signs in more ways than you realize. Noticing a number they said is particular lucky that day, perhaps keeping an eye out for the next love to walk into your life. Star signs could be a great way to really understand your personality and what you want and need out of life.

Your friends and your family
Finally, you may not realize it but perhaps you listen to friends and family more than you may know. They can guide you in many ways but more often than not it is through their opinion and their advice that you may be guided to make decisions and changes in your own life. Have you ever consulted a friend or family member about something and found you really took on board what they said?

I hope that this has made you more mindful of some of the ways we can be influenced and perhaps to look out for more signs and think more differently when it comes to what we want from our furthers.

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