June 8, 2018

Happy Workers Are Healthy Workers

Keeping your workers happy in your company might seem like a tall order to complete. However, your workers aren’t as difficult to keep happy and healthy as you may think. The key to making sure you have a good team of people dedicated to your company is the way you treat them. Here are the top ways that you can make sure your employees stay happy.

Recognize progress

The worst thing you can feel in your job is underappreciated. When you are trying to work your way up on the career ladder, you need that positive reinforcement to tell you that you are doing something positive. To ensure that your employees never feel undervalued you must show gratitude. When your team member works hard on a project, make sure you remember to say thank you and applaud them for their efforts.

2. Make them feel at home
One great way to make sure your employees are happy is to make them feel as if they are at home. If you have a plain and impersonal office space to work with right now, take the time to make it personal. Let your employees decorate their own desks and work spaces with art and items which they love. Paint a bold color on the wall for a splash of fun, and hang large art pieces on your walls. Make sure that the office is a second home for everyone who works here and allow them to make themselves comfortable. This will not only make them feel happier and more motivated, but it will all provoke conversations when your employees chat about their desks.

3. Get to know them
Being a boss doesn’t mean that you cannot talk to your workers. Get to know everyone in the office and take an interest in their lives outside of work. You might be able to find out a lot about the type of people they are, and it will bring everyone closer tougher and allow you all to work in a much more positive and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Have fun

Work doesn’t have to be all work and no play, in fact, taking a break from work is an incredibly important part of creating a positive working environment. To avoid stress-related illnesses surrounding work, make sure to offer plenty of team lunches and days out which can give everyone chance to wind down. Think about activities like a paniq escape room, mini golf or something where everyone can play against each other. Having a chance to bond in a normal environment can make life much easier for everyone and allow everyone to be happy at work.

5. An outdoor space
If you have a building with land surrounding it, try to create a garden for your employees to relax on a summer’s day and unwind during their lunch break. Having fresh air is crucial for stress levels and it helps your employees to escape from the office for a while and refresh for the afternoon.

6. Get moving
Exercise isn’t just to stay lean and fit, it can also have an effect on the mood of your workers throughout the working week. If you can, think about bringing in a yoga teacher or a boot camp teacher to get your employees up and moving once a week to keep everyone happy and healthy throughout their lives. It might not sound like it would make much of a difference, but it can be hugely beneficial to everyone who gets involved. Plus, it can be fun!

7. Be flexible
It is crucial to remember that every person who works for your company is a person. Every single one of your workers has their own life outside the workplace, they have families, commitments, and interests. Respecting your workers and knowing that they have more to their lives than work will not only make you a great boss but will keep them happy and cause them less stress. Make sure that you accommodate for people who have to travel further for work, people with kids, and let your workers have an extra day off for their birthday each year. Show that you care about them as people and they will stay with you for life.

Making your employees happier is not difficult to do and it will make a massive difference to the way you work and get along in the office. If you can take just a few of these tips into your workplace this year you will see a huge difference in the mood of the people who work for you.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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