June 21, 2018

Pack in the Fun on Your Next City Break

City breaks are a great opportunity to discover a lot of new things but often they feel like the most expensive way to travel. Large cities like London and New York, especially, can set you back a lot with flights and hotel bills before you’ve even got there.

The trick is to find ways to pack a lot into your holiday without spending too much. Adventuring on the cheap is best done when you can be more flexible with your timings but since the city destination is already set, here are a few ways to hold on to your spends when you get there.

Find Discounted Fun
Though there are plenty of ways to empty your purse within a couple of hours in the big cities, there are also plenty of free things you can do. Museums and art galleries often have free viewings you can enter as well as their featured exhibits. Similarly, there are often free events going on around the city that you can find online.

Discounted fun is also quite easy to find in the city as long as you are willing to hold out and see what is available on the day. For example, if you go to London or New York, you would be daft not to take advantage of some of the great theatre available to you. However, tickets ahead of time can be unbelievably expensive so going through a last minute website for shows in NYC is usually a better option.

If you are staying in a group, there are often group discounts you can find online or get on the day. If you are traveling alone, it might be worth asking around your hostel or hotel to see if anyone else is interested in doing the same activities as you and then getting the group discount together.

Take a Walking Tour

Walking tours are one of the best ways to get to know a new city. Not only will you get a good idea of where things are and how to navigate the streets, but you will also gain an insight into the place that you are unlikely to get anywhere else. Plus, if you choose a walking tour attached to your hostel or hotel, you will be able to meet other people which is a great advantage if you are traveling alone.

There are all kinds of walking tours available and often large cities have themed tours as well as the regular kind. These can be a lot of fun if, especially if you are particularly interested in the history of a place.

Most walking tours are free but do remember that you are obliged to give a tip at the end of the tour.

On the subject of travel, an extra little tip is to find deals on public transport. For example, you could get a day pass for any underground or tramline system there is and many cities now do mixed passes that work on buses and ferries too. Even though walking is free, finding other methods of transport is going to save your feet and your time so it’s worth planning ahead.

Eat Street Food
In any city you visit, you are guaranteed to be able to find most of the regular chain store you have in your hometown. This is not the point of going away! Instead, have a look for eateries and restaurants you can only find in that city.

Street food is another thing to try and there are often markets around selling all kinds of deliciousness. Some cities are obviously a lot better at this than others so see where the locals are eating and follow their lead. Do be wary about what you are buying and where though as you don’t want to end up with food poisoning!

Another option is to buy food from a supermarket and take a picnic to a park instead. This is a good way to get to see another side of the city you are in while keeping your food budget to a minimum.

Though cities are often more expensive to holiday in, they are also packed full of great things to do and see. Before you go, have a look at what you would most like to do and figure out a budget. You can easily find free things to do with a search on the internet but don’t forget to have a look at a map to see how you will get between your destinations.

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